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I asked my friends and artists to create some artwork based on the inspiration from my own song Po kráse vína. This video shows all the beautiful artworks.

Thank all artists who participated: Jan Zídek, Klára Kubištová, Kateřina Šotolová, Katarína Kováčová, Iva Simona Jurčeková, Alexandra, Magdaléna Feilhauerová, Salome, Hana Somerová, JH, Selva Korkmaz, Jindřiška Jabůrková, Karolína Šrámková, Michal Nagypál

Song Loďka on the exhibition Everything is already redone

Helsinki, Tasku-Galleria, University of Fine Arts

The exhibition was a part of a course Art History where we were exploring the Fine Arts history until the beginning of 20th century. The aim of this exhibition was to create some artwork based on the paintings or any artworks from the Art History classes.

As a pianist and a singer song-writer I decided to combine my own music with paintings of artists we covered throughout the Art History course. I chose one of my songs Loďka (Boat) and I selected paintings related to this song. The process of choosing the paintings included a close vision at a certain artist whose style attracted my attention. From this, I decided to choose one of his paintings based on the similar boat theme as my song is.


It is interesting to explore the depiction of a boat as a symbol in various artworks. My song is about the desire to escape from our regular and tough life to a more beautiful realm of the sea. For me, the symbol of a boat is connected with the sea and its mysterious immensity. I come from the Czech Republic, a country with no sight of the sea. It might be a reason why I perceive it as something very distant and long-desired.

Selected paintings by Pierre Puvis de Chavannes, Odilon Redon, Albert Edelfelt, John William Waterhouse, Gaspar David Friedrich, Arnold Böcklin, Carlo Carrà, and Winslow Homer.

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