"Listening to her songs makes a huge emotional impact and I want to spread her art to the audience. Therefore I invited her to my festival.​"

- Ludmila Pavlová, violinist and director of Festival

 Podkrkonošské hudební léto

"She creates an amazing atmosphere not only through the lyrics and music, but also by the accompanying word. It gives a lot of positive energy.​"

- Michaela Beránková, SoundCzech

From classical music to the song-writing

I began piano studies at the age of eight. Through industriousness and craving for exploring the art world I earned a spot at the regarded Academy of Performing Arts in Prague where in addition to my performance studies, I am also working towards qualifications in arts management.


In 2015, I began to craft my own poems and verse - an activity that has changed my whole approach towards creativity and music making.


Over time I have learned to use my love of poetry and word games as a basis for my song-writing and creativity. I find inspiration in the most ordinary and common things in life.


With each passing year, the more I realise that the heart of all matters are often closer than where we are looking.


I am grateful that I have had the chance to experience two exchange studies (United Kingdom and Finland). A big thank you to those days that helped me understand the mission of my songs and related concert tours. I have learned that this is how I can “decorate” life for us all - that is my goal and motivation! :-)