I began piano studies at the age of eight. Through industriousness and craving for exploring the art world I earned a spot at the regarded Academy of Performing Arts in Prague where in addition to my performance studies, I am also working towards qualifications in arts management.

In 2016 I graduated from Prague Conservatory in the class of a pianist and composer Adam Skoumal. During the Prague Conservatory studies I gained a lot of inspiration in the classes of Avedis Kouyoumdjian, Victor Goldberg, Jan Novotný, Milan Langer etc.


Currently I study in the class of professor Boris Krajný. As a young pianist I won a lot of piano competitions for children. However, in the course of time I realised that my perception of music belongs somewhere else than on the competition stages. The competitions are useful tool to work hard, but we should not forget the main message of art and that is the creative process itself.

As a piano teacher I am aware of the responsibility I have. I am experienced in teaching children from the age of 5, but I am favourably disposed to any age category. 

I am always trying to help encourage the individual and unique way to the creative process. I believe that every human being can create and develop some art skills which will help him or her in the life.

Czech and English are the preferable languages of my piano classes. French is possible in exceptionable cases.